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Hello, and welcome to The TakeDown Challenge!

I don’t know how you’d feel if your family, friends and co-workers started saying things like …

“… Whoa! What have you been doing? You look incredible! I mean truly fantastic! …”

… but I can tell you how these Boston Metrowest residents and neighbors feel, after accepting the 28-day TakeDown Challenge.

They feel empowered. They have more confidence, a lot more energy and are more productive. But one of the biggest benefits of all is this: they feel in control. In control of their weight, their mood swings, and of their metabolism.

All the people on this page will tell you it’s been wonderful losing 12 - 24 pounds, but it’s the least of the benefits they enjoy. When you are feeling more in control, have the energy to do the things you love and are feeling great about yourself again ... that’s when life is at its best.

And that's what we want for you. That's what this website is all about. And that's why we created The TakeDown Challenge. So go ahead and explore this website. Look at the case studies and testimonies from your Boston Metrowest residents and neighbors. See the proof for yourself.

Then ask yourself this question: "If all these people can do it, what am I waiting on?"

Losing 12 - 24 Pounds In 

Only 28 Days!


Join the 1000s of other 

amazing transformations...

Lost a total of 47 pounds and dropped 164,500 calories off her body.

"They made it so easy by providing meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, and personalized cardio. All that combined with weekly weigh-ins to help me reach my goals. In the process, I lost 27 pounds in only 28 days. I mean, who does that?"

"If you need a jump start on your weight loss, you must enter The TakeDown Challenge. After having six kids, I had a lot of weight to lose, so I entered The TakeDown LifeStyle program and have lost over 50 pounds and six dress sizes!"

Lost 27 pounds in only 28 days. That's melting 94,000 calories!


"I received a call to do a national photo shoot and only had one month to prepare. Just look at my before picture, and you can see how impossible that seemed. But only 28 days later, I had lost 32 pounds."

Lost over 50 pounds and six dress sizes, and in the process she dropped 175,000 extra calories.

Lost 32 pounds in only 28 days. That's 112,000 fat calories!



"I was so delighted that I lost 16 pounds in only 28 days, I decided to enter it again. Then I lost an additional 15 pounds. The TakeDown Challenge has been so successful for me, I've lost a total of 47 pounds, and could not be more thrilled."


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